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Q1. How is Cult unique?
A. Cult brings you some of the most innovative and stylish mobile accessories. We also provide IOT products which can make your life very convenient. We have a Cult Loyalty programme using which customers can avail exclusive discounts and offers.

Q2. How can I get a custom mobile case from Cult?
A. We are present across 200 cities and towns. Please visit your nearest mobile retailer and ask for the product. You can also order a custom case from our website.

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about CULT

Some time back, a team of IITians started Apps You Need and in a very short time span, it became thought leader of the industry. Cult is an initiative by the same team. Cult is a platform where consumer has access to thousands of curated mobile accessories and Internet of Things (IoT) products. These products simplify one's life and make a style statement.

Cult is India's first platform which works on Distribution 2.0 and ensures a highly efficient system. This allows us to give our customers maximum product choices. At the same time, Cult promises a great value for their money. Cult is a unique platform with a beautiful amalgamation of technology & art!